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You can help raise funds for the national ADHD Charity ADDISS. At the same time you will be helping to raise awareness about ADHD by purchasing our beautiful new jewellery, Tangle toys to help concentration,Shopping Trolley Token Keyrings and/or the National ADHD Charity Wristband which comes in a two tone colour of orange and blue. Maybe you'd even like your own personal ADDISS Brain for a shelf ornament!

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ADDISS Tangle Toy
18cm long, 5cm when coiled up

Price: £4.00 plus £1.00 postage and packing (£5.00)

ADDISS Tangle Toy
Buy two for £9.00
18cm long, 5cm when coiled up

Price: £9.00 including post and packaging

ADDISS Tangle Toy
Buy four for £16.00
18cm long, 5cm when coiled up

Price: £16.00 including post and packaging

The Souldrop Cookbook edited by Kay Bone

The Souldrop Cookbook has been lovingly put together by Kay Bone in memory of her son Sean. He had ADHD and overcame a lot of the challenges of this much misunderstood condition but sadly, in the end, he felt that he could no longer cope.

The book contains over 100 recipes donated by the residents of the picturesque village of Souldrop in Bedfordshire. Inbetween the recipes lies a pictorial history of this idyllic village.

The Souldrop Cookbook is a real labour of love by Kay, who has lived for some years in the village of Souldrop. She celebrates in word and picture the lovely village of Souldrop in North Bedfordshire. She has collected old photos, many going back more than 100 years, and added her own images of Souldrop, its church, pub and people, in 2009.

Her book also celebrates the people of Souldrop and their cooking skills. Kay asked the citizens of Souldrop for their favourite recipes and they gave her more than 140, all tasty, tried and tested. They range from quick and easy salads, sauces, curries and soups to mouth-watering cakes and desserts, not to mention traditional blackberry jam, cakes and puddings and Victorian recipes for Bedfordshire clangers and railway pudding, designed to fill up the navvies who built the nearby railway.

Kay's book would make a lovely gift for anyone interested in cooking or the English countryside or who wants to support ADDISS, a charity especially dear to Kay's heart.
All money on sales goes directly to ADDISS, the national Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder charity.

Price: £10.99 each (reduced from £15.99), postage and packing free of charge

ADDISS Christmas Cards pack of 10 15cm x 10.5cm

Price: £1.50 including postage and packing


Price: £6.50.00

ADDISS Christmas Cards TEN PACKS of 10 15cm x 10.5cm

Price: £10.00

ADDISS Wristband

Price: £3.00

Buy two Wristbands and receive £1.00 discount

Price: £5.00 for two

Buy four Wristbands and receive £2.00 discount

Price: £10.00 for four


Price: £3.00


Reports & Publications

Some of the items below are now available at a discounted price from our new online bookshop.


The Tipping Points
by Phil Anderton PhD

What professionals should recognise as the social impact of ADHD.

For parents and professionals alike this book offers down to earth explanantions of ADHD and explains how young people with ADHD are at greater risk, whilst offering solutions that minimalise the chances of those people suffering unnecessarily. The book highlights the outcomes of poorly managed ADHD including pathways into crime, anti-social behaviour and personal danger, and outlines ways to reduce those risks with easy to follow and pragmatic text and checklists. ISBN 978-0-9554033-2-3 published by ADDISS

Price: £9.99 each
(£8.99 + £1.00 P+P)

1-2-3 Magic
by Thomas W. Phelan Ph.D.

Put Yourself back in control.

Train your child to do what you want them to do. Easy to follow steps for disciplining without yelling, arguing or smacking. proven successful programme.

Price: £13.50 each
(including P+P)

Everything a child needs to know about ADHD
by Dr C.R. Yemula

This book is written as an interesting story with colourful illustrations, for young children aged 6 to 12 years, to improve their understanding of such a complex condition.


Do you know about ADHD sir?

This book was written by 11 year old Josh Jones who has ADHD in an attempt to make his teacher more aware of ADHD and to encourage his teacher to support him and to understand him.

Price: £3.99 each
(£2.99 + £1.00 P+P)

Parents, Provision and Policy Brochure

Price: £3.00

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