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ADHD News this is the very first edition.

ADHD News Edition number 24

· What are the experiences of adults with ADHD?

· How do adolescents with ADHD see their needs as they move beyond Paediatric and CAMH services?

· Very bright and gifted people with ADHD

· ADHD and Autism a personal story

· Practical strategies for managing your ADHD

· Conference Details

ADHD News Edition number 23

· The New DSM Has Arrived

· Andrea Bilbow OBE

· ADHD and Addiction in Teens

· ADHD and Substance Abuse

· News Roundup

ADHD News Edition number 22

· ADHD and the Law

· Reading YOS

· Me, Myself, and Adult ADHD

· OCEAN Study

· News Roundup

ADHD News Edition number 21

· ADHD From the Heart – Ashley McKenzie

· Conference Highlights

· Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for adult ADHD

· ADDISS Conference – a parents’s view and experience of attending

· News Roundup

ADHD News Edition number 20

· Adolescent Girls with ADHD

· Smoking in pregnancy may not cause ADHD

· A special kind of freedom – Growing up with ADHD

· News from Nottingham and Swansea Support Groups

ADHD News Edition number 19

· What Should I Expect at a follow up appointment with my child's doctor

· ADHD and Family: Converting chaos to calm through Mindfulness

· ADHD and Mood Changes

ADHD News Edition number 18

· Challenging Disability Discrimination

· The Chain of Success: Awareness + Skills + Desire =Success by Dr Ari Tuckman

· Equality Act 2010- What does it mean for ADHD?

· Support in Harrow

· ADHD and the need for adequate Guardians

· What's new in ADHD Research

ADHD News Edition number 17

· Practical Responses to Adult ADHD

· ADHD and Reading Study- Thomas Brown PhD

· 1 2 3 Magic- a bomb disposal course for children

· The DIagnosis of Adult ADHD as a specific learning difficulty - David Grant

ADHD News Edition number 16

·  this edition has now been removed for privacy purposes

ADHD News Edition number 15

· Transition from Primary to Secondary School

· The Green Paper: Support and Aspiration

· Transition from Primary to Secondary School

· ADHD, Addiction and the Cyber World

· Implementing the Autism Act


ADHD News is sent regularly to all ADDISS subscribers.

ADHD News brings you up-to-date reports on events and news from the world of ADHD, as well as feature articles from expert contributors - such as the recent article 'Back to School', which gave parents practical suggestions for coping with the start of the new term.

Take a look at the Autumn 2001 issue of ADHD News. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this, and it may take a few minutes to download.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader but would like to view ADHD News, you can get the software free from

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